Sagelight 4.0

A powerful tool for professional photo editing


  • Lots of filters, tools and plugins
  • Many helpful tutorials included
  • Powerful 48-bit editor


  • Takes times to learn all the features


Sagelight is a powerful photo editor with lots of great features.

You might be more familiar with Lightbox Free Image Editor, which is a limited version of Sagelight. If you know Lightbox, you'll be ahead of the curve in learning how to use Sagelight.

A full-featured professional editor

For starters, Sagelight can retouch images with a color depth up to 48 bits per pixel, which allows for fantastic, sharp results on par with a lot of other professional editors like Aperture and Lightroom.

Sagelight comes with more than 50 different functions, including levels, sharpeners, tone balancing, artistic effects and other filters. These are compatible with a lot of different picture formats, including many digital camera defaults.

Great for professionals and beginners alike

Although Sagelight may seem like a tool for professionals - and in many respects it is - you can also take advantage of Sagelight if you are just starting out. Sagelight's Quick Edit mode is ideal for this. You can tweak your photos easily with a few key editing tools, and your photos will come out looking fantastic.

Plus, if you want to read up on photo editing and become more experiences, Sagelight includes all kinds of helpful tutorials to teach you how to take advantage of its many features.


Sagelight will surprise you with its power, as well as its stability. It's also really good about resource consumption. Very few programs that offer so many different features and ways to manage files are as lightweight as Sagelight.

While it won't replace graphic design tools like GIMP or Photoshop, it's a great complement to them, as it's wonderful for photo retouching.

Sagelight might not be as well-known as other photo retouchers, but that shouldn't deter you from giving this feature-rich program a try.



Sagelight 4.0

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